Badin Service Fair 2023!

Today our awesome staff member Marcia and our faithful volunteer Lindsay served at the Badin High School service fair. Badin gives their students a chance to use their gifts and contribute to the community through various volunteering and service projects.
So good to see many students wanting to reach out and give back! Small things done with great love CAN change the world…


We are often asked, what do you need at HLWM.  Well here is a small list to get started.   Check back, we will grow this list as more comes to mind.


  • We have a van on the grounds that is not running.  Would love someone to take a look at at and tell us what the issues are and how much it will cost to get it running.  This van would be particularly helpful in getting students to and from HLWM.  A fundraiser could get the money needed for repairs.
  • We have a strong need of having items disposed of from old computers/copiers/printers/broken pingpong boards and air hockey tables.  Need someone to load up and removed.
  • Our classes are 1/2 hour each and we have two per day during the school year.  We are looking for volunteers to come in an teach the children life lessons and skills.  This can be a one time class or we can work something in over a time frame.  Let us know what you skills you can teach!  Anything from dealing with bullies to how to style hair, shaving, learning to tie a necktie or scarf, cook, sew etc!




It’s Harvest time and HLWM and our children are having fun doing arts and crafts with the harvest season in mind. There has been salt dough pumpkins made along with making apple donuts to playing pass the apple games. Continue reading

Free Back to After School Programs at HLWM are #1!

Back to After School ProgramsFirst , we must take a moment to thank all the volunteers that came out in August and helped us clean the building so that our children will feel welcomed and loved…because they are!  We are READY for our children to return to our after school program starting on September 13th. 

Since the summer camp ended at the end of July, we took a quick minute for a breather and went right back to preparing programs for this fall that will assist the children in many ways. Continue reading

September to Remember

Please join us as we celebrate the beginning of the fall 2021 school year at HLWM. Last year presented many challenges for our children but we continue to provide services to our children and families during this unprecedented time. As the school year begins, we want to make our programs the best they can be for our children, staff and community.
During the month of September, please consider helping us achieve that goal by contributing your time or financial contribution and most importantly prayers to begin the school year on the best possible note.

Continue reading

Keyboard on Fire!

This young lady, Ximena, who is going into the 4th grade did an amazing job typing this summer in our Chromebook class. She surpassed the class early on and soon was pulling down test scores in the 30’s, then 40’s and when challenged she met the 50 wpm goal. Ximena, we are so proud of you and what you were able to accomplish Continue reading

Chromebook classes are a success!

It’s been a wild ride this summer! This was my first teaching job with children on Chromebooks and I wasn’t sure what to expect but they won my heart over from the get go and proceeded to amaze me day in and day out. Our K-1 children learned the basics on how to coordinate use of a touch-pad mouse. It was a challenge after being used to using a touch screen tablet, but it was mastered along with other skills by the end of our summer camp. Continue reading

New Mural in Our Lobby

These group of amazing Badin High School students (now grads) created and painted this beautiful mural for their Servant Leadership Project. Now everyone that walks through our doors will see their beautiful artwork. Thank you Elaina Jackson, Logan Hage, Sam Schutter, Grace Harris and Paige Long. We are ALL going to miss you and appreciate all of the time you spent with us!❤️

Car Wash Success!

Thank you to St. Mark’s UMC youth group and everyone that came out to support our children’s programs! These youth gave their time to help us serve others and our community. ❤️