Teaching internet safety

We are so grateful to have these chromebooks for our children to use and learn from.  But with any blessing comes responsibility and keeping our kids safe while they are online is of the utmost importance to us.

Before a child is ever issued a chromebook to use at HLWM, they will be required to sit in on a “safety class” at the beginning of each year.  During the class, students will be taught age-appropriately the different things they can and should not do while on the internet.

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Good things Happening at HLWM!

We are thrilled to announce some new opportunities for our children and youth here at HLWM! We received Chromebooks via the City of Hamilton and we were also fortunate to have a friend of our Ministry upgrade the internet in the building to accommodate the new Chromebooks. Funding from U.S. Bank allows for year round technical support that will benefit our children. This has enabled to bring on Nanette Parks.

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Thank You!

Thank you to our generous funders, churches, individuals, staff and many volunteers we have partnered with them to serve many children and families in our community. Here are a few of our accomplishments…

During 2015-2016, over 380 children and youth, grades K-12, attended our after-school and summer programs. During these programs, over 9,000 books were read, 63% of our children improved their literacy skills, 84% were promoted to the next grade level and 90% participated in our enrichment activities.

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