We are often asked, what do you need at HLWM.  Well here is a small list to get started.   Check back, we will grow this list as more comes to mind.


  • We have a van on the grounds that is not running.  Would love someone to take a look at at and tell us what the issues are and how much it will cost to get it running.  This van would be particularly helpful in getting students to and from HLWM.  A fundraiser could get the money needed for repairs.
  • We have a strong need of having items disposed of from old computers/copiers/printers/broken pingpong boards and air hockey tables.  Need someone to load up and removed.
  • Our classes are 1/2 hour each and we have two per day during the school year.  We are looking for volunteers to come in an teach the children life lessons and skills.  This can be a one time class or we can work something in over a time frame.  Let us know what you skills you can teach!  Anything from dealing with bullies to how to style hair, shaving, learning to tie a necktie or scarf, cook, sew etc!




It’s Harvest time and HLWM and our children are having fun doing arts and crafts with the harvest season in mind. There has been salt dough pumpkins made along with making apple donuts to playing pass the apple games. Continue reading

Keyboard on Fire!

This young lady, Ximena, who is going into the 4th grade did an amazing job typing this summer in our Chromebook class. She surpassed the class early on and soon was pulling down test scores in the 30’s, then 40’s and when challenged she met the 50 wpm goal. Ximena, we are so proud of you and what you were able to accomplish Continue reading