Clean Up

Hope all is well and staying healthy. Here is a list of a few things I am hoping to get done on our cleaning day on Saturday, August 28 from 9-noon.
Van looked at
Cleaning out weeds and large brush
Weeding around facility and curbs
Classrooms cleaned up (wiping counters, sinks-ledges, vacuuming)
Dig up 3 shrubs in the front
Cleaning out garden
Leaky faucets in classroom
Removal of broken ping pong table and foosball
Leaky toilets, slow drains
Wiping down cafeteria table
Cleaning carpet in computer lab
Vacuuming out vents for heat (need vacuum with attachment)
Kitchen cleaned
Restrooms sprayed down
Litter everywhere
Grease trap emptied
Stairs and halls swept
If anyone can help and to please bring supplies.  (Weed wackers (gas), pruners for large overgrown weed/trees, weed kill, gloves, shovel, paper towels, cleaning supplies, vacuums, garbage bags).  Any idea on getting a junked up copier out of here?
If you can make it, please let me know.  Maybe a group can “clean up” a classroom?  If there are any muscles, we need help moving a few things also!