Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Service Center (NSC) is a resource center for community residents throughout Butler County.  The goal of the NSC is to connect individuals with the resources they need to assist them.  In addition, we strive to be an accurate source of information on a variety of topics to the residents in our community, while working to promote racial and ethnic harmony and diversity.  Throughout the year adult educational classes and workshops are offered free of charge.

Clients come to NSC seeking help with:

  • obtaining medical care and medications
  • questions about the local school district
  • obtaining food and clothing
  • finding and maintaining housing and utilities
  • advice on legal, educational and family issues
  • information about federal and state assistance programs as well as the application process
  • translation services – English & Spanish
  • employability training
  • transportation
  • assistance with basic essentials
  • domestic violence
  • prenatal care