Orientation Quiz

Please complete our orientation quiz after you have read the material in our Volunteer Code of Conduct and Dress Code located in the Documents section of the Volunteer tab. To pass you must receive as score of 100%.

You can retake the quiz, as many times as you need, until you have received a score of 100%.

1. Go to http://quizstar.4teachers.org/indexs.jsp

2. Click ‘Sign Up’

3. Fill in the required information then click ‘Register’

4. Search for your quiz by clicking the link that says ‘Click here to search a new class’

5. In the green search box titled ‘Quiz Search’ type in the quiz title ‘HLWM Orientation‘ then click ‘Exact Match’

6. Once you’ve found the quiz, check the box and click ‘Register’

7. You will be brought back to an instruction page, above click ‘Classes’

8. Click ’1 Untaken Quizzes’

9. You will be brought to a page with 3 different tables.  Under the ‘Untaken Quizzes’ you should see ‘HLWM Orientation’ then press the ‘Take Quiz’ link.

10. After you have taken the quiz your results will be displayed.

(Score must be 100% before you can volunteer)