September to Remember

Please join us as we celebrate the beginning of the fall 2021 school year at HLWM. Last year presented many challenges for our children but we continue to provide services to our children and families during this unprecedented time. As the school year begins, we want to make our programs the best they can be for our children, staff and community.
During the month of September, please consider helping us achieve that goal by contributing your time or financial contribution and most importantly prayers to begin the school year on the best possible note.

We’ve already had a church youth group sponsor a car wash with the proceeds donated to us. An annual clean up event coming up on Saturday August 28 from 9-12  to prepare our building and grounds for arrival of our children is a great way to contribute.
Perhaps you are part of a group searching to serve the community Creating your own fundraising events or a Facebook fundraiser to support our mission are easy places to start. We could use your involvement to set HLWM up for success!
To see some of the work that we are trying to complete on Saturday, click here.


Thank you for your support from the Staff and Board of Directors at HLWM.


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